ACEL is a 501(c)3 non-profit with a mission to keep young professionals connected, informed and involved in Alachua County. 

Our board is always on the lookout for help running our committees. Committees meet once a month online or in-person at the discretion of the committee chair. Please fill out an application and we will reach out with the latest information on when we’ll be meeting and where. 

Each committee has different needs and opportunities for you to lead initiatives, develop new skills, and make new friends. Often, volunteering is a first step to eventually joining our board of directors. It’s a great way to get a sense of how we work as an organization and get a sense of accomplishment from completing a project you have autonomous ownership of. 


Since 2007, local non-profits have relied on ACEL to help provide volunteers for causes, events and fundraisers. Some of the organizations we’ve worked with include Bread of the Mighty, Peaceful Paths, Toys for Tots, Grace Marketplace, K9s for Warriors, Habitat for Humanity, Brave Harvest, St. Francis Pet Care and more. If you’ve always wanted to do community service but don’t know where to start, ACEL has the non-profit relationships to get you started.


Our social committee helps fellow young professionals connect and form strong relationships that can lead to new opportunities. From planning monthly mixers, our signature annual dinner, to fun group activities like foosball tournaments, springs trips, laser tag and whatever idea you want to help with. If you’re a “funstigator” who loves to plan awesome activities, this is the committee for you!


If you’re a lifelong learner and want to find new opportunities to help develop yourself and others, you’ll be at home with the professional development committee. Some of our past endeavors have included “lunch with a leader,” “presentation karake,” “early morning coffee talks” “local business facility tours”, and our mentorship and microgrants programs. 


Our public policy commitee is our liaison between our organization and local government to advocate for policies we believe affect young professionals. If you’re interested in becoming politically active, this can be your new home. If your idea of fun on a Thursday night is watching the city commission meeting, please join us! You’ll have a say in deciding what to advocate for, who to meet with, and help put on events like “meet the candidates” and “lunch with a legislator.” Gainesville City Commissioners Adrien Hayes-Santos, David Arreola and now Bryan Eastman are all former ACEL board members. 


With all the different initiatives above, ACEL basically does two things: We put on events and market them. This is perhaps, the most involved committee in the organization. Often more than one person on the board is responsible for aspects of marketing in at-large roles such as Public Relations, Member Relations, Social Media, Email Marketing, etc. and these board roles are open to be filled on an ongoing basis throughout the year. If you’re looking to learn new marketing skills while working with a like-minded team, please apply to join the marketing committee. 


ACEL is committed to making sure our organization is accessible to all. As part of our D&I committee, you’ll be responsible for helping improve our events and communications to this end, as well as reaching out to like-minded organizations to partner with to help bring new intersections and possibilities to our members.