Develop & Grow

ACEL Microgrants

ACEL manages a micro-grant program to invest in those Alachua County emerging leaders looking to improve themselves professionally, personally, or in their community. Grants provide up to $250 for the applicant to improve himself or herself:

Professionally: Expand professional training, credentials, or networks.

  • In the community: Create empowerment for growth and influence as a community leader.
  • Through education: In select cases, provide funding to help obtain additional education to enhance the applicant’s influence or professional credentials.

This program is a chance for emerging leaders to lead the ACEL community and share their knowledge with ACEL members.

Microgrant Requirements

In exchange for the grant, ACEL will ask recipients to share what they learned to help other members grow. Sharing the experience varies based on the recipient’s strengths but may include:

  • A blog post about the experience for the ACEL mailing list. 
  • A presentation to one of our committees, such as the Professional Development Committee.
  • Sharing with ACEL a way to implement what he or she learned to benefit membership.

Requirements are flexible based on the different uses for the program. Microgrants are for current members only. If you aren’t a member yet (or aren’t sure), join now! 


Applications are rolling and evaluated within 6 to 8 weeks. All applicants should be ACEL members in good standing when applying and when receiving the microgrant. Applications are available by request from the Professional Development Chair.