Applications are now open for the Alachua County Emerging Leaders Board of Directors. ACEL is a 501(c)3 non profit registered in the State of Florida. To join the board you must be a member in good standing (currently free to join). 

Joining our board gives you the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the community while learning new skills, making lifelong connections and helping us achieve our mission and vision. 

Board members are expected to attend a monthly board meeting on the 4th Tuesday of every month from 6 – 8pm, as well as attend events, run a project or committee with a monthly meeting at a time of their choosing, and dedicate time to ensure their projects and goals are completed. 

Past board members have gone on to bigger roles such as Gainesville City Commissioners, and used the leadership skills they’ve developed to achieve new heights professionally. 

Each individual board member is expected to:

  • know the organization’s mission, policies, programs, and needs
  • faithfully read and understand the organization’s financial statements
  • serve as active advocates and ambassadors for the organization and fully engage in identifying and securing the financial resources and partnerships necessary for the organization to advance its mission
  • leverage connections, networks, and resources to develop collective action to fully achieve the organization’s mission
  • give a meaningful personal financial donation
  • help identify personal connections that can benefit the organization’s fundraising and reputational standing, and can influence public policy
  • prepare for, attend, and conscientiously participate in board meetings
  • participate fully in one or more committees

The Vice President sits on the ACEL Executive Board. Responsibilities include:
– [ ] Guiding the Mission and Vision of the organization via the Executive Board
– [ ] Overseeing Diversity and inclusiveness initiatives are part of the organization’s core competency
– [ ] Recruiting new members and board members
– [ ] Checking in with board members on achieving their goals
– [ ] Stepping in for the President during absence to run the board meeting and executive board meeting
– [ ] Assisting the Secretary in project management of board projects
– [ ] Reaching out to form partnerships with other local organizations

To apply for Vice President you must have been an ACEL board member for a minimum of one year. 

The Secretary sits on the ACEL Executive Board. Responsibilities:
– [ ] Guiding the Mission and Vision of ACEL via the Executive Board
– [ ] Keep the organization’s documents organized
– [ ] Maintain the board and exec board agenda and manage board members to fill them out
– [ ] Take minutes during board meetings
– [ ] Onboard and train new board members with email and Slack
– [ ] Assist board members with project managing board initiatives

This role requires a large degree of initiative, personal responsibility and communications skills. Familiarity with Gsuite Admin and Slack preferred. 

The Treasurer sits on the ACEL Executive Board and leads the fiscal health of the organization.

– [ ] Guiding the Mission and Vision of ACEL via the executive board
– [ ] Keep all financial records and ensure the organization is up to date and compliant with government filings
– [ ] Approve and reimburse board member expenses
– [ ] Teach financial planning to board members for their paid initiatives
– [ ] Deliver a monthly financial update at our board meeting

The social chair leads a committee of volunteers to create opportunities to connect professionals in Alachua County. Pre-pandemic events included a monthly professional mixer, an annual MegaMixer with the Greater Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, planning our annual dinner, and smaller gatherings like laser tag, beer bikes, etc.

The social chair will help ACEL find its way in a post pandemic landscape to appropriately and inclusively find ways to connect our members online and offline.

Responsibilities include:

– [ ] Event planning including mixers, themed events etc.
– [ ] coordinate with the marketing chair on event promotion
– [ ] Assist other board members with their events
– [ ] Reach out to venues, speakers, etc do venue checks
– [ ] Set up events with name badges, sign, membership materials

We’re looking for someone who is a true funstigator, who will help us emerge from the pandemic with fun, safe ideas online and in person.

The Community Service Chair leads a committee of volunteers to assist other Alachua County non-profits with volunteer days and fundraisers.

Responsibilities include:

– [ ] Outreach to non-profits to coordinate needs analysis and event production
– [ ] Recruit committee and event volunteers
– [ ] Coordinate with marketing and social chairs on live events
– [ ] Coordinate with treasurer to disburse funds raised to organizations

If volunteering and community service is your passion, this role is perfect for you. You’ll get to learn about many other great organizations while using ACEL’s marketing and event production resources to support many good causes throughout the year.

The Public Policy Chair leads a committee of volunteers who advocate with City and County commissioners for ACEL’s Public Policy Agenda, which are 30 or so items that we believe will positively affect young professionals in our community.

Responsibilities include:

– [ ] Recruit committee and event volunteers
– [ ] Reach out to city and county commissioners to meet and discuss our public policy agenda
– [ ] Attend city and county commission meetings when these items are discussed to advocate on the organization’s behalf
– [ ] Keep our membership informed of policies we’ve enacted and still need help on
– [ ] Interview bipartisan candidates before elections and coordinate with the marketing chair and webmaster to publish and distribute the materials to our members
– [ ] Coordinate a bipartisan “meet the candidates” event before major elections

We’re looking for someone passionate about issues that affect us locally. If you’re already going to City or County Commission meetings and writing letters to advocate for policies, this role is perfect for you.

The Professional Development Chair leads a committee of volunteers to produce written and event content for members to grow professionally and connect in our community. Past events have included First Friday Coffee Talks, Lunch with a Leader, Facility Tours and more. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Recruit committee and event volunteers
  • Reach out to local business leaders to host facility tours and lunch with a leader events
  • Create and share meaningful and actionable professional development content
  • Coordinate with the At-Large Mentorship Board Member on recruiting and pairing mentors and mentees
  • Administer our MicroGrant program

If you’re passionate about personal development and sharing what you learn with others, this is a great role for you. 

The Marketing Chair is one of the most critical roles in the organization. If you’re an experienced marketer looking to learn how to manage and improve a full funnel from initial outreach to completed member applications and event RSVPs, think of this as a great step on your way to becoming a CMO. You’ll recruit and manage other marketing volunteers and help tell our brand’s story one chapter at at time through each piece of communication while you represent the efforts of all of our committees.

Responsibilities include:

– [ ] Coordinate with other board members to promote their events
– [ ] Create and optimize a marketing funnel for recruiting new members and board members
– [ ] Recruit volunteers to assist with marketing efforts
– [ ] Coordinate with other at-large board members in the marketing discipline
– [ ] Research and recommend new marketing tools to the board

If you’ve been in a marketing role before and are looking for something you can truly call your own, with the support of other volunteers, becoming our next Marketing Chair is a great way to sharpen your skills and gain some valuable experience.

The Diversity & Inclusion Chair is responsible for fulfilling our mission to make ACEL accessible to everyone.

Responsibilities include:

– [ ] Educate, facilitate, and advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion within Alachua County Emerging Leaders
– [ ] Actively participate in all Board Meetings
– [ ] Recruit and lead members of the DE&I Committee and other stakeholders to accomplish the objectives of the committee.
– [ ] Attend at least 2 DE&I Chair Professional Development sessions annually.
– [ ] Deliver regular reports to the Executive Committee
– [ ] Develop short and long-term projects that will benefit ACEL and its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion objectives.
– [ ] Create and coordinate community related activities throughout ACEL that help promote diversity, equity and inclusion.
– [ ] Develop, coordinate and implement strategies, policies and programs that support prospective, new and current ACEL membership.
– [ ] Develop mentoring contacts and relationships.
– [ ] Communicate information about programs and activities that support DE&I I to ACEL Committees
– [ ] Collaborate with other ACEL Committee Chairs to embed the broad objectives of DE&I.

Assist the Marketing Chair in gaining earned media opportunities in local publication highlighting the accomplishments of ACEL, and promoting upcoming events and initiatives. Assist the Executive Committee in outreach to potential community partnerships. 

Assist the Marketing Chair in coordinating a social media calendar featuring all of our upcoming events and initiatives. 

Reach out to new, current and past members to renew memberships, take opinion surveys, and ensure everyone is getting the value from ACEL they deserve. 

Assist ACEL in keeping its website and membership platform up  to date and compliant. 

Assist board members in making meaningful connections with like-minded organizations and sponsors. 

Lead the mentorship program on behalf of the Professional Development Committee by recruiting mentors and mentees, pairing them and monitoring their progress. 

Assist the Marketing Chair by leading ACEL’s visual nomenclature through all media. 

Have a community focused project but need some support getting it off the ground? Let your great idea find its home at ACEL where you’ll have additional resources to achieve your goal.