Member Spotlight: Joshua Javaheri

Not quite sure what ACEL is all about? Well, one of the best ways to get to know our organization is by getting to know our members. Collectively, we represent young professional across Alachua County. In an effort to spread the word about the awesome things our members are doing and dreaming, we’re launching a series of Member Spotlights.

First up, get to know a little more about Joshua Javaheri, a founder of Trendy Entertainment. Trendy is an acclaimed independent games developer located in Gainesville, FL.

Josh, when why did you decide to join ACEL?

I’ve lived in Gainesville most of my life, and now I’m trying to figure out how I can best give back and make Gainesville better.

As a founder of a successful start-up, I can say that it’s very difficult in Gainesville to both bring in talent and to retain graduates from the University. What Gainesville badly needs right now is the right leadership and a stronger cultural infrastructure.

This is why I joined ACEL – to try to contribute and connect with people looking for the same things.


Why did you decide to join the Professional Development Committee?

I have a very keen interest in growing as a young professional. It’s really important to keep a pulse on what’s happening around you. I think I have both a lot to give and a lot to learn.


What do you like about living in Gainesville and Alachua County?

Gainesville has a small town feel within the entrepreneurial community. There’s a sense among many of the small businesses that “what is good for you is good for me” – that we’re not just in this to better ourselves, but to push Gainesville forward in a more altruistic way.

What is the best advice would you give a young professional?

Definitely surround yourself with smart people all the time. Smart people will take your ideas to the next step, and they’ll see things that you don’t see. It’s very rare that somebody can accomplish anything alone.


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