ACEL September Board Meeting Recap

On September 25th, 2018 ACEL held its third board meeting with the 2018-2019 board. 

  • President Marc Lefton motioned to approve the consent agenda. Board Member Diane Twitchell seconded. Motion Passed.
  • President Marc Lefton motioned to approve the August board meeting minutes. Board Member Diane Twitchell Seconded. Motion passed.
  • Vice President Magda Schmitzberger guided the board members through reviewing their SMART goals for the year. Remaining board member SMART goals to be reviewed in October.
  • Open discussion of a potential partnership with the Gainesville Chamber of Commerce, with board members weighing in on concerns and parameters before an upcoming meeting between key stakeholders of both organizations.
  • President Marc Lefton announced the Marketing Chair role is now vacant and we are seeking applications. Marc Lefton will be running the committee in the mean time.
  • Marc Lefton proposed shifting from selling corporate memberships by company size to discounting by number of memberships. Many companies did not want to buy memberships for the full company or didn’t understand the pricing structure. The board agreed to the new simplified version which will be revised and distributed to potential sponsors.
  • Due to the extended timeframe of ACEL’s rebranding, we agreed to print temporary business cards for board members to share
  • Board Member Diane Twitchell went over how to properly use Slack

Meeting adjourned.

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