ACEL has compiled a public-policy platform that outlines our position on key policy issues in the Gainesville and Alachua County areas. Using vetted national and local data and the experience and wisdom of an advisory council of well-known community executives, ACEL has established a set of priorities that will drive the organization’s activities, communications, and priorities beginning in 2015.

Alternative Transportation

ACEL supports efforts to increase the ease, safety, and number of alternative transportation options within Alachua County. This includes an increased presence of bike lanes, bus systems, pedestrian-friendly infrastructure, and mass-transit systems in addition to improving existing, traditional infrastructure.

Walkable Urban Cores

ACEL supports dense urban cores that host all the amenities needed within walking distance of where young professionals may live, work, and play.

Cultural Investment

ACEL supports a balanced approach to economic development that values investment in cultural amenities alongside more traditional economic-development investments. This includes investments in the arts, green spaces, and other quality-of-life amenities.

Robust Job Market for Young Professionals

ACEL supports increasing area jobs that attract and retain young professionals. Specifically, these jobs should provide young professionals with adequate pay for a high quality of life in the area, opportunities for professional growth, and a good work environment.

Affordable Housing

ACEL supports any initiative that will increase the quality and affordability of housing in cultural centers of Alachua County

Diversity & Inclusiveness

ACEL supports initiatives that increase Alachua County’s potential for being a destination of diversity and inclusiveness.

Young Professional Decision-Makers

ACEL supports the active participation and proactive inclusion of young professionals in decision-making roles within Alachua County.

Environmental Sustainability

ACEL supports policies and initiatives that create a sustainable environment.

Interested in getting involved with public policy?

Join us every third Tuesday of the month for the ACEL Public Policy Committee. It’s free and open to the public.